Indoor Worship Resumes June 13, 2021

The time we have been waiting for has come! In the beginning of April, the Leadership Team shared the decision to follow the guidance published in Christianity Today that congregations begin indoor worship again when the infection rate in the county is, on average, 5-6 daily new infections per 100,000 residents. As of May 31, the infection rate in DuPage Country had been reduced to 6 and  continued to decline. Therefore, we have determined to begin meeting again for indoor worship on June 13.

To ensure the health of our congregation, we will be following guidelines consistent with recommendations from the Illinois Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control.

  •   Worship will be conducted in person and online for all who wish to attend (vaccinated and non-vaccinated).
    •   All participants must wear masks.
    •   Participants must sign in before entering the sanctuary.
    •   Live music will be played but for now there will be no group singing.
    •   Responsive readings will be allowed.
    •   Social distancing will be encouraged indoors.
    •   Individuals who are not feeling well will be asked not to attend in-person.
    •   Pastor Christy will continue to send the bulletin and Zoom link each week for online worship.
  •   Special services, including memorial services, with less than 50 participants can resume indoor adhering to guidelines to worship and following protocols.
  •   Access to the church building will be through two doors only – main entrance and downstairs entrance.
  •   Enter the sanctuary from the Narthex through the center doors and exit through the side doors.
  •   After worship, we will encourage participants to move immediately outdoors.
  •   Groups of up to 50 vaccinated individuals may meet in the church facilities if they adhere to the following:
    •   Notify the church office of date and time of the meeting to eliminate conflicts.
    •   Meet for no more than 1 hour.
    •   Meet in the Fellowship Hall or the sanctuary.
    •   Adhere to social distance requirements.
    •   Wear masks.
    •   Limited use of the kitchen facilities.
    •   Sanitize space after use.As the infection rate continues to decline, we anticipate adjusting these guidelines. However, until all our congrega- tion is eligible to receive the vaccine, including our children, limiting the potential spread of the virus will be our pri- ority.It has been a long 15 months and we are grateful for the leadership of our pastor, the support of our staff, the work of the Commissions and the dedication of the congregation. We look forward to seeing all who are comfortable re- turning to indoor worship on June 13 and continuing to worship online with members and friends.Blessings,

      The Leadership Team